How do multiple users and roles work?

You can add as many users as you would like to any Curated account on all plans. There are no additional charges for adding users.

How do I add another user?

Simply go to the Account page and click on Invite User. Enter their email address and pick an appropriate role and you’re all set! The user will receive an email which includes instructions to create a Curated account. Once they are invited, they will automatically have access to the publications on your account.

How do the roles/permissions work?

When you add a new user you can assign it a role within the account. The roles have the following permissions:

  • User: Can do everything except view the billing page, publish issues, see the list of subscribers and access the publication settings.
  • Publisher: Can do everything apart from view the billing page.
  • Owner: Has all privileges and can perform any action.

The first user will always have the owner privilege but this can be changed after the account has been created.