Release Notes and Updates

Interested in what’s new with Curated? Here’s what we’ve been up to.

March 16th, 2016

  • Zapier Integration! You’ll find Zaps ready to integrate in the settings under Integrations > API Keys and documentation on how we integrate, or how to keep a list in sync with another ESP.
  • Once a custom short link domain has been added to Curated, we’ll now serve links on that domain forever, as long as it’s still pointed at our IP address. Changing your short link domain won’t stop the old one from working.
  • Added the “permalink” icon for text items as well as links in the issue editor.
  • List imports now support up to 100,000 subscribers.
  • Improved the CSV header row parsing, it should be much more forgiving now!
  • Hovering over any embedded link in the issue editor now shows the full URL, just like it does for the main link.
  • Unused embedded links are now automatically discarded when saved. No more having to delete them manually!
  • Embedded links in body text no longer explicitly need http:// as a prefix. If omitted, http:// will be default.
  • URLs can now be up to 5,000 characters. If you want to link to something with a URL longer than that, you win a prize!
  • Sponsor management is now still linked from the issue page, even after the issue has been published.
  • Fixed a bug where unavailable dates were able to be selected after duplicating a sponsored link.
  • When adding a new link from Collected Items directly into an issue, a message now appears to make it clearer where the link has gone!

February 8th, 2016

  • Background header images can now be automatically darkened, this is a great way to ensure that your publication’s description is clearly visible when a photograph is being used as a header background. To access this feature, go to the settings under “Publication” > “Header and Footer” and check “Darken the background image”.
  • The font size for your publication’s description is now dynamically sized based on the length of the description.
  • Various improvements to the sponsorship system:
    • Sponsored links can now be duplicated and easily marked as paid from two new menu items on the right hand side of the sponsor detail page.
    • The sponsorship enquiry form for a publication now collects the date for sponsorship.
    • The public sponsorship page for a publication now has HTML anchors for all sections. If you’d like to link to a specific section of this page you can use the #introduction, #availability and #sponsors anchors. For example:
    • Improved the page loading speed for publications with a very large number of sponsors.
    • Fixed a bug where the list of sponsors in the my.curated system was being displayed in the wrong order.
  • Improvements to the CSV import process for lists of email addresses. The columns in your CSV should now be detected much better and several crashes related to unexpected data in the CSV were fixed.
  • We updated the list of web crawlers and bots that we exclude when calculating your click stats. All historical click stats have also been updated to remove these automated clicks, so you may notice the number of clicks on older issues has gone down. Your open and click percentages will not be affected by this, only the total number of clicks.
  • Sponsorship enquiry emails are now signed with the Curated SPF and DKIM configuration. This should ensure that there are no further deliverability issues with these emails.
  • In both the email and web view of an issue, hovering over the shortlink now displays the full destination URL.
  • Fixed a small validation error where invalid email addresses could be subscribed to a publication.
  • Updated the wording of the “No spam, ever.” line under the subscribe box. It now reads “No spam, ever. We’ll never share your email address and you can opt out at any time.”
  • The color of the “Yes, subscribe me” button in the confirmation email which is sent when double opt in is enabled now uses the subscribe button color from the publication settings.
  • Fixed a small bug which would cause emails being sent to a publication’s collected link email address when the subject line was empty and the body of the message did not contain any URLs.

January 25th, 2016

  • Curated now supports GIF images!
  • Custom URL redirects are now supported for new subscribers. This makes it possible for the subscription process to completely bypass the Curated web site if full control over the subscription process is needed. This can be configured in the settings under “Hosting, Subscriptions and Publishing” > “Subscription Messages”.
  • Added the ability to customise the subscribe button colour of your publication’s web site. In the settings, this can be changed under “Publication” > “Header and Footer”.
  • Significantly improved incoming email parsing when links are sent to your publication’s Collected Items. Also, if an email is received which can not be parsed, you will now be notified by email.
  • The HTML title of your publication’s web site can now be customised. This can be configured in the settings under “Hosting, Subscriptions and Publishing” > “Web”.
  • Improvements to Curated’s RSS feed support. The publication name now prefixes each issue’s post title and a short footer has been added linking back to your publication’s site.
  • Fixed a small issue where background header images were too dark when viewed in some versions of Outlook.

Previously on Curated

  • So many things that we didn’t write down. Sorry!