Curated allows you to unsubscribe any of your subscribers manually if for some reason that subscriber asks you to do so. Curated will also automatically unsubscribe any email address that “soft bounces” more than 3 times.

However, sometimes you may receive a request that you delete all information that Curated has about a particular subscriber. We don’t store very much information about your subscribers, but due to GDPR, we decided to build a way for you to manually remove all information about a subscriber from your list and our servers (GDPR calls this “the right to be forgotten”).

To delete a subscriber, simply search your Email Subscriber list for their email address, click the email address, and then click the “Delete” button on their subscriber profile.

If one of your subscriber asks you to provide them with all the data you have on them inside of Curated, you can do that too. Follow the same steps as above, but instead of deleting them, click the “Export” button. You’ll get a tiny CSV of all the info we associate with that subscriber, and you can pass that along to them.

One caveat: you can’t delete subscribers when you have an issue scheduled, so if you aren’t seeing the Delete option you should double-check your scheduled issues.

If you have any trouble finding this information or deleting a subscriber, contact Curated support and we’ll help you out.