The content you collect and create within Curated is organized into categories. You can have as many categories as you would like and not all categories must be used in each issue.

Categories can easily be created and edited by visiting Settings > Issue Content > Categories.

By default, you’ll see that we have already created a category named ‘News’ for your publication however you can choose to edit or delete this category as needed.

Note: A category cannot be deleted if it has been used in a published issue.


Re-order your categories by dragging a category (click and hold the arrow) into a different position in the list. One thing to note is that the category order is persistent across all issues and changing the order will change your back issues as well.


New categories will inherit the default styles that are set in Issue Content > Look and Feel however these can be overridden for each category individually by clicking on the ‘Look and feel’ button associated with each one.

If you have chosen to enable the public sponsorship page, all of your sponsored categories will be visible to prospective sponsors. Find out more by reading Enabling and Configuring Sponsorship and The Sponsorship Workflow.