The base URL for the API is:


The Curated API uses token based authentication. To get a successful response from the API you must include a HTTP header in the following format:

Authorization: Token token="API_KEY"

Finding your API Key

The API key can be found in the settings under Integration > API Key:

Note: The API key shown above is not real. Your settings screen will show the specific API key for your publication.


Most endpoints require a publication id, for example:
GET /publications/{publication_id}/issues

You can find a list of your publication ids by using the GET /publications endpoint.

Data Format

The Curated API outputs all data as JSON and expects any data submitted to also be JSON.

For example, you can request the issue summary data with the following cURL command:

curl -X GET \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-H 'Authorization: Token token="API_KEY"'

The response will be JSON formatted data:

	"issues": [{
		"number": 2,
		"published_at": "2014-08-24T19:44:48.344+01:00",
		"summary": "This is the issue summary",
		"title": "Issue 2",
		"updated_at": "2014-08-24T19:50:56.937+01:00",
		"url": ""
	}, {
		"number": 1,
		"published_at": "2014-08-16T01:21:58.390+01:00",
		"summary": "This is the issue summary",
		"title": "Issue 1",
		"updated_at": "2014-08-24T12:00:03.535+01:00",
		"url": ""
	"page": 1,
	"total_pages": 1,
	"total_results": 2

Date Formats

All date formats are ISO8601.


All API requests must be made over HTTPS, the API will not respond on HTTP.