If you’d like to send someone to a specific published issue, a specific category within that published issue, or even a specific link within an issue, we have URL formats for all of those!

Linking to a specific published issue

Simple! Just send people to:


Where number is replaced with the issue number. However, if you’d like to link someone directly to the beginning of the issue, this can be done with:


Linking to a specific category inside a published issue

By adding a category anchor after the issue you can send people directly to a specific category:


Where category is the “Tag for Email Submissions” that you set when creating the category. This can be changed at any time by editing the category inside my.curated.

Linking to a specific item inside a published issue

Finally, you can also send people directly to the commentary against a specific link:


Where link is the unique identifier generated for every link you publish. This link can be found inside the my.curated system for any published issue. Navigate to the published issue, right-click and copy the “Direct Link” menu option next to the item (See below).