Every issue in Curated is in one of three possible states:

  • Draft - Draft issues will never be sent automatically, they merely represent your intention to publish on a specific date.
  • Scheduled - Once a draft issue is finished, it can be scheduled for a specific time and it will be published automatically.
  • Published - Published is the final state. Once an issue is published it can not be moved back to the draft or scheduled state.

Draft Issues

When an issue is created, it will be created in a draft state and have a due date. This is the date on which you intend to send the issue and is used to help you plan out your publishing and sponsorship schedule.

The default due date for new issues will be based on the due or published date of the last issue, along with the “Planning and Scheduling” settings:

Note: Draft issues will never be sent automatically without being scheduled or published by a Curated user with the publisher's permission.

Scheduled Issues

Once an issue has been written it can either be sent immediately or scheduled for sending. After hitting the “Schedule Issue” button from the Issue editor, you’ll see this screen:

To schedule an issue to be automatically sent at a specific time, set the time here and hit the “Schedule Issue” button. At this point, the issue will no longer be editable and the issue editor will look something like this:

Note: If you would like to make any changes to the issue after scheduling, hit the “Stop the Presses” button and the issue will go back to the draft state. Once you’re finished making changes, you will need to schedule the issue again using the process above.

Published Issues

When an issue is published, either immediately or because the scheduled time has arrived, the email will be sent and your web version will be updated to show the latest issue.

After publishing, the text and URLs contained within an issue can be edited to make small corrections (for example, fixing a typo or a broken link) but an issue can not be unpublished or moved back to the draft or scheduled state.