In order to interact with this API you will need to read Getting Started with the API.

List categories for a publication

The endpoint is located at:

GET /publications/{publication_id}/categories

Response Data Format

Returns an array of Category dictionaries. Each Category dictionary contains the following fields:

  • code - The tag for the category (as defined in settings).
  • name - The name of the category.
  • sponsored - True if category is a sponsor category.
  • limit - If sponsored, the number of sponsored links per issue for this category.

Example Response Data

        "code": "sponsored",
        "name": "Sponsored",
        "sponsored": true,
        "limit": 2
        "code": "news",
        "name": "News",
        "sponsored": false,
        "limit": null
        "code": "guestposts",
        "name": "Guest Posts",
        "sponsored": false,
        "limit": null