If your audience generally uses Twitter, you might consider using Twitter advertising to promote your publication.

This article doesn’t cover the details of setting up a Twitter ad but it does explain how to track the conversion of your advert into visitors to your site and subscribers.

Creating Website Tags to Track Signups and Site Visits

In order to measure how your ad is performing, you will need to create two website tags so that every website visit and successful signup are tracked with Twitter.

Note: If the Tools menu which contains the Conversion Tracking menu item is not showing up in your Twitter Ads dashboard, make sure you have added credit card details.

Create two tracking pixels with the following conversion types:

  • Site visit
  • Sign up

Note: It may take a long time for the website tags to show in the Twitter Ads dashboard as “Tracking”, even up to 48 hours after the tag has been hit it may still be shown as “Not tracking”. You don’t need to wait for the “Tracking” status before putting your ad live.

Once the tags are created, you should be able to access the code, which will look something like this:

As Curated includes many different ways for your subscribers to sign up it needs to insert this code in various places. As a result, we only need the Website Tag ID which is shown below highlighted in yellow:

Grab that number (for both website tags) and in your publication settings, go to the Analytics section and enter it against the Twitter fields:

Once the IDs are saved in your control panel you are all set and you can put your ad campaign live.