If your audience generally uses Twitter, you might consider using Twitter Lead Generation cards to promote your publication.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards allow people to subscribe to your publication directly from a promoted Tweet. A button will be placed alongside the tweet and clicking it will pass the user’s email address directly to Curated where they will be subscribed.

This article doesn’t cover the details of setting up a Lead Generation card but it does explain how to track the conversion of your advert into visitors to your site and subscribers on your publication.

Configuring the Lead Generation Card for Curated

Curated has been designed to accept parameters from Twitter Lead Generation Cards. When you are configuring the card, there will be a section titled Data Settings (optional) which you should configure as follows:

  • Submit URL - This must be your curated.co domain name rather than any custom domain you have specified. If you enter your custom domain, when Twitter checks for HTTPS before the card is saved, it will fail. Configure the URL to be:

  • HTTP method - POST
  • Custom key names - Leave these fields blank. We use the defaults here.

Your settings should look something like this:

Tracking Signups with Lead Generation Cards

As the sign-up happens directly on the Twitter site, no tracking pixels are needed for this kind of Twitter advert. Twitter will be able to track every conversion directly as it happens on their site.

If you are using other types of Twitter cards, you should set up tracking pixels.